Save the Date: The Kindness Summit April 13, 2019

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Our mission is to #MakeKindLoud so that we can inspire others to help make the world a better place.


Our Story

#MakeKindLoud is an inclusive movement that works to spread kindness and inspire each other to be bold, to be brave, to stand tall and to shine brighter. Because we belong to each other. We offer original apparel and swag, weekly podcasts, monthly kindness summits, quarterly kindness flash mobs and two live events per year. 

Our goal is to make as much kind noise as possible to change the vibrational energy of this world so that negativity has no choice but to fall out of frequency. 

#MakeKindLoud gives voice to humans to help us be our best by doing and inspiring acts of kindness that can change the world and each other for the better.


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